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don't try to flirt with me

Yesterday at work, I was buying my snack for my break and I heard someone make a kissy noise behind me. So I turn to look, and sure enough, some guy is grinning at me. Without thinking, I give him a "what the fuck?" look and turn back around, get my stuff and walk off. Then I felt guilty, 'cause it was a really dirty look, and the poor guy was just a teenager. But he and his friend followed me over to where I sat down, and he asked me if I was on my break.

"Yes," I replied, restraining myself from mocking the rather stupid question.
"How old are you?"
"How old do you think I am?" with the customary sardonic raise of eyebrow.
"I'm 22."
"oh... Are you single?"
"No, I'm married."

And then he and his friend laughed about how 'upset' he was that I wasn't single. It was very silly really.

I think it was all because I wore this choker -- haha. It was probably my very sexy pants.

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