Belenen (belenen) wrote,

random photo post!

I have so many books. I collect them, they're my treasures that I greedily pore over.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
Click those for closeups and tell me if you want to borrow any!

Are you impressed? That's not all, either -- I have three or four boxes at my 'rents' house.

And kmiotutsie sent me a present for my birthday!!! I'm not one to care about when a present arrives, especially if it's something as awesome as this. Purple + glass = two of my favorite things in one! I love glass, that's the real reason I bead. I like playing with glass... it's so beautiful. Did you know that it's actually not solid? Over a long period of time, it will flow down with gravity. Anyway, here's the awesome ornament:
Free Image Hosting at ...

I really like that first photo, it seems so artistic to me. And that round thing is a mirror that happens to be refecting a painting I did that is hanging on the opposite wall.

misemifein2 also sent me a fantastic present a while ago, and I just can't get a color-accurate shot of it, it's almost exactly vivid violet, somewhere between these two shots:
Free Image Hosting at ... Free Image Hosting at

Thank you so much Kat and Kate! And Anika and Kyra too, I haven't forgotten yours! I have the best LJ-friends ever.

I made some awesome earrings and took photos of me wearing them:
... Free Image Hosting at ... Free Image Hosting at

The first one is blurry, but shows off the sparkle -- hard to catch in a photo.
For some reason I really like both of those photos of me.

And here's two of me wearing my new favorite hairdo:
Free Image Hosting at ... Free Image Hosting at

(I know, polka dots, ew, but there were pink rhinestones that I tried to peel off and they left their backs on the sticks... still, better than pink.)

Kanika hiding under a rug -- she wiggled herself underneath it.

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