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cell-driving like three warring two year olds

...the story...

The light turns green and the line of cars start moving. The guy in front of me is on the cell phone, and he’s driving 30 in a 45 mph zone. That’s okay in the slow lane; NOT so in the fast lane. Move over if you’re gonna drive like that! I’m growing more and more irritated, and there is finally an opening in the right lane, so I start moving ahead. He speeds up. *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrlll* I am really tempted to ask God to get him pulled over, but I sometimes talk on the cell while driving (not in the fast lane though). Then I have SUCH an awesome idea! “God, please make that call drop.” I’m watching as I say this, and the second I finish the sentence, the guy pulls the phone away from his ear, looks at it, puts it back to his ear and then looks at it again and starts dialing. I laughed so hard. God’s awesome.
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