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zodiac wonderings

So many of my close friends are Taurus...
April 21: Allison aka Del aka jedibubbles, one of my favorite people for years now;
April 21: Jedidiah aka jed_i_diah, one of my best friends for a long while;
April 23: Alina, a good friend from when I lived in MD;
April 23: Renny, kouhaataru, awesome lj-friend;
May 02: Vee, scream_baby, one of my very favorite people;
May 14: Rebecca, my best friend for years, the one I just made up with after our 3.5-year separation;
May 14: D.J., a good friend from my teenage years;
May 15: Kristen, one of my best friends from my teenage years.

And isn't it odd that the birthdays are in clusters? I know birthday and time has something to do with your personality, even though none of those six are anything like the others. I don't think it's controlled by the stars, I think it's just God's love of patterns -- I think he has seasons where he creates a certain kind of spirit... I love thinking about that sort of thing.

What sucks though, is that both Kristen and Rebecca are gifts people, which means that their birthdays have to be a Big Deal giftwise or they feel unloved -- and they are barely a day apart, so money must be spended. Not that I mind that so much, but Kristen is very hard to shop for because she has no obsessions. Rebecca should be easy, because she has quite a few obsessions, but I'm picky... not just any dragon or orca thing will do. And Del's birthday is just a few weeks before that, and since I have a policy of waiting until the last second, well...

I also tend to love Pisces:
Feb 17: Kate aka misemifein2 (well, mostly Aquarius, but on the cusp)
Mar 3: Kaylene aka mayana, my deepest friend (for the shortest time)
Mar 19: Aubrey aka aubkabob
Mar 19: Sarah aka chapeco (another pair!)
Mar 20 Leslie aka paravati

and Capricorns:
Jan 2: Kenzie aka sunshinepill
Jan 3: Eve aka evileve (another almost-pair)
Jan 12: Tahereh aka anar_anar
Jan 17: Anika aka eternitywaiting

and Sagittarius:
Nov 25: Krystal aka ravensfeather
Dec 3: Ash aka maladroitkat
Dec 4: Sylvia, my childhood 'best friend,' whom I nearly idolized for years;
Dec 8: Ashley aka Alariya aka alariya, very close friend.

If you haven't done it before, add yourself to my birthday alarm, please.
Tags: birthday, lj friends, spirituality, zodiac

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