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*meme* I'll be your photographer today...

I've stolen a "thing" from anar_anar, who stole it from misemifein2...

Tell me three things that you would like me to take a photo of. It can be ANYTHING, but the catch is, if I can't take a photo of it, then bad luck, you miss out on one of your three goes. So, for example, it can't be of, say, the pyramids of egypt, because, uh, I don't live there :P So you have to guess what kind of things I come into contact with. You can be safe and pick something boring, or you can ask for something like your livejournal name markered on my neck. :P If you can't think of three, one or two will be fine, just no more. And I'm only taking one photo per idea, so I'm not going to write all of your lj names on my neck. ;-) And if Ben won't approve I won't do it, so don't get too naughty.

feelings: crazy
sounds: Switchfoot: "Meant to Live"

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kevloid ══╣╠══
hmm... well we've seen you nekkid, so... that kinda takes the novelty outta the naughty ideas. :-) and ben would say no to 'property of kevloid' in jumbo marker... so how about...

1. your computer (yes I'm a nerd)
2. ben! there's an idea - ben... striking a manly pose
3. patricia doing a cartwheel (okay maybe not a cartwheel)
hikeonwheels ══╣╠══
I cant find the nekkid ones anywhere lol...
kevloid ══╣╠══
I think they're gone now - she posted a while back about peple linking to them or something.

or... maybe I'm just makin it up. :-D
belenen ══╣giggling╠══
heh heh... Getting that photo of Ben won't be easy -- I'll have to bribe him.
maladroitkat ══╣╠══
1. Your closet
2. What's outside your bedroom window?
3. Your favorite purple object
sunshinepill ══╣cheesetastic╠══
I'd like to see a picture of you dancing!
12thknight ══╣╠══
Could you take a picture of my keys? I've lost them, goddammit.
angeleyes831 ══╣╠══
1. the sky in your area (we have a big sky in Texas and the sky is really small in Philly, I I get curious)
2. your desk...without straightening it up
3. something you find really interesting but is a strange thing for someone to find interesting
invisibleglue ══╣bliss╠══
I'd like to see a picture of your husband!
chillychilly22 ══╣╠══
1. Your favorite spot in the house
2. A quick doodle of yourself
3. Your favorite outfit
jessbarely ══╣╠══
how about the shadow of light on a wall when a window screen is only half open? i have that in my room on a nightly basis, and it always gives me the chills.
shespoke ══╣╠══
A picture of you and Ben
A picture of Kiarra (I bet she's grown so much!)
And ummmmmm.... a picture of what you're going to each for lunch that day.
sky_falls_down ══╣╠══
-a picture of a billboard in georgia (i will be there in july, maybe i'll see the pictured billboard.)
-your favorite pair of shoes
-a coffee shop sign

abstractfish ══╣╠══
I want to see...

you riding a bicylce

your bed

you in your fanciest clothes
hikeonwheels ══╣╠══
The contents of your trash can
Any alcohol in the house
Your nostrils
wittypnai ══╣╠══
1. your favorite spot
2. the street leading towards your house
3. your work space
wandrlost ══╣╠══
i can't believe that no one has gone with the marker idea. soooo...

1. my lj name markered anywhere on you. naughty or nice.

2. your bathroom

3. your favourite object in the world.
satchel please
aubkabob ══╣satchel please╠══
hrm. so many possibilities, some of which I had were already taken... ;)


* a picture of the PERFECT shade of vivid violet. (i've always been convinced that my idea of what vivid violet is has been different than yours!)
* (this was requested in some version but I wanted to add to it a bit) The place where you like to go to reflect, your private place where everything in your surroundings is perfect so it helps to bring you peace (if it's somewhere you wish not to reveal because it's too close to you, too personal, i understand. and for example, in phoenix, i used to sneak out onto the golf course that my apartment complex was next too at night and sit under a tree next to one of the man made ponds and the lights from the surrounding area would play off of the surface... it was perfect.)
* kanika doing something silly
smurfb1ue ══╣╠══
I'd love to see your favorite part of your church, your fridge, and your favorite street sign.
sidheblessed ══╣╠══
1. Your fave book.
2. Your fave item in your bedroom.
3. A picture of you smiling.
ex_alariya46 ══╣╠══
I want you to find your favorite picture/pose of Angelina, print it out on your computer, and then emulate the pose while having the original somewhere near you. :) Either that, or a picture of you and Ben sharing a sweet, *innocent* kiss.
juansrx ══╣╠══
Oh!, too late!(?)
1.a katana or samurai armor
2.ANY image of the orochi team
3.Any sample of Ben´s work

thank ya!!
wandrlost ══╣╠══
after all that, don't we get to seee the pictures? ;)
belenen ══╣garrulous╠══
hey, I'm gettin' to it! Everybody else who posted this got like three people responding -- you guys are makin' me WORK!
wandrlost ══╣╠══
lol, that's what friends are for!
misemifein2 ══╣╠══
1. Something interesting you find lying in the street/on the pavement.
2. Something so very American it scares me.
3. Your pet fish, haven't seen them in a while. You still have them?

Hope this isn't too late... but it doesn't matter if it is :)
anar_anar ══╣╠══
im too lazy to read the other responses, hehee, so if i repeat any let me know :)
1. your hands
2. legs of a chair
3. something dirty that youve been looking at and saying 'i really need to clean that' but havent in a long while
on communication, social justice, intimacy, consent, friendship & other relationships, spirituality, gender, queerness, & dreams. Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.
Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.