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*meme* (I'm your photographer) #1

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Bah. Everybody else who posted that photo meme didn't get many replies -- I wasn't prepared for you guys making me work my heinie off!

The ones I took so far are random easier ones:

my computer, for kevloid

Yes, I know we need a real computer desk... we plan to buy one soon.
my closet, for maladroitkat (nope I didn't clean it up)

That swirly shirt hanging in the center is my absolute favorite piece of clothing. It has a raised ripply texture. I got it at a goodwill for $4 -- with the $67 original tag still on.
my desk without straightening it first, for angeleyes831

Heh. That is unstraightened, though you might not be able to tell. I'll post a straightened photo later for wittypnai, who also wanted to see my work space.
a shot of Kanika, for chapeco

This kinda shows how big she's gotten... and look at those claws! I've never met a cat with such long claws, and I have known many (and the business end of thir claws).
Kanika doing something silly-cute for aubkabob

I know it isn't that silly -- I've been trying to get a shot of her hanging upside down from the computer chair like a sloth, but she's always in a frisky mood when she does that and I can never get the camera quickly enough. If I catch a shot, you can be sure I will post it.

It's an old one, but I have to post a shot of him in a manly pose for kevloid and one of him and I together for chapeco, so you'll see recent ones soon enough.

The original meme is here.
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