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Writing and reading and learning and dreaming

Today I read my "Legend of the Red Dragonfly" for a small audience. Two were enthralled, Prof. Johnson said it was very well-written, with good flow, and the other, Judy, was less than impressed. Unfortunately, Judy was also the best writer. And so I asked if they thought I should try writing it in informal first instead of storytelling third, and Judy said definitely, the others said it would be good but they liked it as is. They all agreed it depended on the audience I was aiming for. Oh, and Judy's alien to fantasy, which might have had an effect. The other two were able to get into it more, because their minds were more open to the unearthly, shall we say. So anyway, I'm gonna try writing it in first person, from Tolalant's view, just to see what I think (and 'cause we have to turn in a revised draft eventually).

I am now reading Kushiel's Dart, a book I'd been eyeing at B&N for a while. Fortunately, Del bought it and the sequel, so all I had to do was borrow them. I'm having a difficult time putting the first down! Extremely well written and intriguing, very unique. The protagonist is an anguissette - a masochistic nympho! The very warp threads of the novel are new. And the suspense and mystery are well played, with enough of a breeze to blow the curtains aside often enough to keep you from skipping ahead. The character development seems a little weak, but that may simply be because it is first-person but not omniscient. So the only thoughts you hear are Phedre's.

Slight updates to website, in myart, authors, and people.

Breakthrough to Joy tonight was very very deep. About the breaking judgements, sub- and conscious, that I've made against people and myself. I realized that I have a lot more dirt than I remembered, and I'm really glad to be dumping it. I feel already more peaceful, and I think my faith has grown.

I finally decided what tattoo I want. I want a full-back tattoo, in purple, blue and green, and I want it to be a version of the waterstar. Ow. I wince. I'm no anguissette. I think I have the guts though, once I perfect the design, get the money, and find an artist I trust.
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