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Kristy not going to counseling anymore

I called Kristy, talked to her for a little bit... she sounded depressed, the moment she answered I wanted to hold her. She asked me if I was still in counseling and I said yes, and then asked her if she was -- she said no, that she had switched counselors because the first one got flirty with her and the second one she just plain didn't like, so she quit going. Then she said, "But it's okay, I'm fine," and I laughed and said, "Yeah right" -- she protested and I said, "C'mon girl, don't lie to me" and she said, "No really, I'm happy (with a question mark hidden in that word 'happy')..." and I realized she was serious. Not truthful, but quite serious. And I felt like an ass for being so blunt.

She got off of the phone shortly afterward and now I'm a little worried that I may have hurt her.

I know she's not healed, but it of course isn't my job to strip away her protective lies, and I didn't even intend to... I just hope I haven't hurt her too badly.
Tags: ex-in-laws, kristy

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