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dream (hiking upriver, angry intruder with huge gun)

(Ben took dictation for me)

We were traveling along this creek and we were going up it some times the flow was really strong and we had to fight hard to get up. Once I reached the top, Ben had already gone ahead and he came back. And when I got to the top, he had already gone to the other side, but he came back up. Ben handed me two papers, they were both maps. Ben told me that he had wounded himself in a way that would kill him, and he had to go back, so he could get a new body before he could keep going with me. While he was gone, I had to take a chair from up top and carry it down to an open area that led to a waterfall. The pool of the river was really strong there, and I had to stay out of the water, because if I even touched it, I'd be swept over the edge. So I had to jump from rock to rock. There were hippos which could swim very quickly and easily in the water despite the flow, and I had to distract them when I made my first jump. So I put the chair on one of the rock that was out in the middle of the open water, and I jumped back and fought my way back up the hill. At first I was afraid I had left the maps down below, but then I realized I had left my map back up top and the maps were in the backpack. There was another guy there and he wanted to see the maps, so I showed them to him. But he got really mad, because how Ben had drawn them, and said he didn't want to see a map of a garden. I was confused, because it was still easy to understand, it just wasn't a photograph. I asked him why, and he stopped being angry and said he didn't know why. Then the dream switched...

I was sitting on the couch with Allison and another girl. We were watching a movie. There was some kind of ruckus going on outside, and this guy came stomping through the door, and he said "open up." And I had the main door open but the screen door was not open. I was going to open it, but then I asked him what he wanted, and I told him that he needed to be polite. I started to shut the door, but somehow he reached in and opened it anyway, so I walked forward and pushed him back. He was huge, this really brawny, bulky, 250 lb black guy. I just pushed him back, and said, "no, you can't come in, because you didn't ask nicely, and I don't know what you want." And then I went back inside but he didn't go away. He just pulled out his gun which was small but had very large bullets and pointed it at the door. He was going to shoot the door, and I got really scared, and threw open the doors, and sat on a ledge outside the front door. I said "I opened the door, I'm sorry, come in come in, I'm sorry I'm sorry." And he came storming in, and he asked what he wanted, and he said he didn't know yet. I asked him if he was hungry, and he didn't answer, but he was looking around the kitchen for some food. I told him we have bananas, and I pointed to some, then he picked up a flexible cooler, and used a banana to unzip it, only to find that the cooler was full of mushed bananas. There was a old watermelon sitting on the counter, and I couldn't think of anything else we had. Then he found a mirror laying down on the shelf, and he sneered at me and said, "you moved this when I came to the door, didn't you." Because it was in line of fire from the door. I hadn't, but I didn't want to disagree with him, so I just apologized more. He continued to be really mad, and at the same time he felt sort of sorry for me after seeing the pathetic food we had. He stormed back out of the house, and told me, "next time open your door the first time, Kristen." And I said yes, yes, yes, I'm sorry sorry sorry, and shut the door behind him and locked it, and thought to myself that next time there's no way in hell I'll open the door next time.
Tags: allison, b - ex-partner, dreams

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