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Mr. & Mrs. Smith / out with Del, listening

Saturday I went out with my jedibubbles and we had a lighthearted fun time... we sat on The Green Couch at the local coffeehouse and talked for a bit, mostly about the Narnia movie coming out in December, and rambling on to other books we read as kids...

Then we went to see "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" which I had mixed reactions to. Endless pointless violence... but it was all done in a very sarcastic way, and kept us laughing most of the time. Bah. I want Angelina to go back to movies that I can thrill over and praise without reservation. This one was pretty good -- it had points of philosophy and depth, if you looked hard enough, but I just couldn't get into it. I suppose part of the problem of learning to respect every human means that I can no longer think in 'good guy, bad guy, kill kill kill.' The thing that bothered me the most, though, was the eroticized violence. A man beating a woman will never be anything other than disgusting and evil, even if she is beating him right back. And I just couldn't stand seeing my girl get beat up. Del kept leaning over and tapping my shoulder and whispering, "are you all right?" I suppose I must have looked even more upset than I was. But I did kinda enjoy it, because it was presented in a humorous light, and Angelina can make any movie worth seeing at least once. If you like seeing stuff blown up and shooting car chases, you'll probably love it.

After the movie we went to Barnes and Noble and scanned the sci-fi/fantasy section. I don't think she's actually tried more authors than me (if you don't count the Star Wars series authors) but we have a completely different list. It makes for interesting chatting... oh, and she told me about an alternate history novel by Silverburg where the gypsies of Earth are actually a race from another planet, I neeeed to read that. I am a nuevogypsy, after all.

Finally she took me home, since it was late and she had to get up early the next morning... But we started talking about more soul-ish things, and I asked her if she wanted to go sit on my bed and talk. I totally expected her to say no, since it was late and all, but she said yes, so we did. I mostly just listened and played with her hair, rubbed her back. She has a lot on her mind right now. I felt more comfortable with her than I've ever been -- it's amazing what letting go of expectations will do. (I need to remember that) I felt honored to be there for her. She's such an amazing person.
Tags: allison, the green couch

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