Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (Angelina dancing, worshipping with me & lil sis; eminem and I saving the world from evil)

The other night I dreamed of Angelina Jolie coming to my (old) house and dancing and singing worship songs with me and my little sister...
then the next night I dreamed of gathering humans onto a spaceship to leave the planet we were on because it was full of another sentient being that knew nothing but hate. There were humans who had grown to be as hate-consumed as the aliens, and they would be left behind, destroyed with the rest -- I felt sorrow, but knew it was necessary. As I was gathering these people (some were in prisons held by the aliens -- my old house had been converted into a prison -- and I had to hold onto them and fly out), Eminem came up to me and I gathered him and his friend into my car. He was asking me many questions, mostly dealing with those being left behind. (All humans were offered the chance, (without knowing that we were going to blow up the planet) and those who chose to stay were the hate-consumed ones) It was hard for him because nearly everyone he knew was going to stay. But he chose to come.

--- In both of those dreams they came to me. Since I hadn't really been thinking about either lately (though I love them in a way people not like me cannot understand) it seems a sign to me -- that God wants me to pray for them. They both lead such difficult lives -- struggling to maintain themselves in a world that screams, "CHANGE! CHANGE! Your natural self is wrong, stupid, bad, evil! You're not good enough!" They're in my heart; if they could know that and understand what it means I think it would be a bit of comfort to them.

Last night I had a bizarre dream of a woman that gave me things (all kinds of gorgeous beads, new contacts) -- and then demanded that I repay her. I didn't have enough money, so she said, "But you can write on your story, can't you? Write!" At that, my mind went hazy and I saw a face which slowly widened into a scene of a girl on a horse, which widened to a storyline -- but then it confused itself into mundane life, with Paula and such.
Tags: ace, angelina, dreams

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