Belenen (belenen) wrote,

Nimajn's spirit awakened

I was hurting and Nimajn came to comfort me, and I asked him why he was so far away, so disconnected... at first he didn't understand. But then somehow he reached inside and his spirit just awakened... came to be with me. I could feel the difference so strongly. I don't think his spirit has ever been that awake before; it was amazing. I rested in his strength, felt truly safe. His spirit definitely has a name, and I know that name; I instinctively call him by it when I feel his spirit rise up (which is usually during sex). I want to know my spirit name, so that he can call me forth like that.

Since then I have been more in love with him than ever before; I've felt more safe with him, more trusting, more loved and loving, more sensual. Such a seemingly insignificant, intangible thing, but really quite powerful. I have the most beautiful, sexy, strong, protective (and I really mean protective, not controlling) husband ever. I am so amazingly blessed. I've been addicted to his presence in a way I've never been -- actively enjoying just being in the same room.
Tags: b - ex-partner, names

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