Belenen (belenen) wrote,

talk with Rebecca / loving Kristy anyway

I was very upset over the whole Kristy-not-treating-me-like-family thing, so I called Rebecca and asked if I could talk to her privately. She came over immediately, which really meant a lot to me. She listened to me pour my angry hurting heart out, and was pretty supportive... and she confirmed the idea I had had that Kristy was the one who made the decision for me to be excluded (Rebecca had even spoken up for me, which comforted me a bit). I can understand why Kristy doesn't want to be around me -- but that doesn't make it bother me less. Knowing that Rebecca didn't think Kristy did the right thing made me hurt a lot less though.

I went over there and watched 'Hitch' as invited -- and rubbed Kristy's back, petted her hair, and held her hand throughout the movie. She's a physical touch person like I am, so I know she appreciated it, even though she didn't really show it. I don't know why I started loving on her -- I didn't go over there with that intent -- but I felt the urge to and did. I think probably God was leading me.
Tags: ex-in-laws, kristy, rebecca

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