Belenen (belenen) wrote,

Del and coffee / simple pleasures / tomb raiders!

went out with my beloved jedibubbles -- she was sweet enought to take me card-shopping, as I had just realized how close Father's day was. We giggled over the funny ones, inspiring a few 'weirded out!' looks. Simple pleasures. So many people are used to the idea that something has to cost money to be worthwhile... and for some reason it seems to be taboo to express joy or laughter in public. Shock! We don't tone our laughter down to save people from being scandalized. *sniffs haughtily*

Odd how that went all pedantic. Anyway, we went from Wal-Mart to a used media store (music and movies) and I bought both Tomb Raiders for $6 each! Yay me! I also saw Taking Lives for $8, but I haven't seen it and I might hate it, so I didn't buy it. I'll rent it first.

And then to Starbucks for a coffee for me and a hot chocolate for Del. Silly girl doesn't like coffee! (the fact that we remain friends despite that fact is a testament to my open-minded acceptance of differences, hee hee) It's okay though -- she's so hyper that if she ever consumed my typical triple-venti-black-and-white-mocha-with-a-shot-of-cinnamon, she'd explode. Or create a new world wonder in 15 minutes than makes all the old ones absolutely prosaic. Or just escape the boundaries of our 3D world and start consciously living in all 13 dimensions. Or all of those simultaneously. So it's a good thing she doesn't like coffee.

I adore her. ;-)
Tags: allison

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