Belenen (belenen) wrote,

Yucky to yay / I gave Ben 'quality activity' love / Ashley time!

Yucky to yay. The yucky: me feeling sick and having to sit out 20 minutes of bellydancing class. The yay: me taking Ben out and him being delighted.

Ben's a quality activity person, which means that he feels most loved when doing something together with a person. I never really understood what that meant until a few days ago, when we sat down and talked about it. Basically I just drove him around, bought him his favorite food and a frappuchino, and talked about whatever he wanted to talk about. That wouldn't have done much for me, but he was so happy, which of course made me happy. I suppose what made it special for him was just the fact that we were together having focused time on togetherness.

I learn more every day. Now if I can just remember to do this sort of thing more often!


I also hung out with alariya for just a little bit after bellydancing; we chatted and visited a very cool, very eclectic shop (where I might sell my jewelry). I made her a double pair of earrings because I love her and because she lost the necklace that Kevin ordered from me for her, which is just tragic. But the earrings are gorgeous, and she loved 'em.
Tags: ashe, b - ex-partner

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