Belenen (belenen) wrote,

first sleepover since I got married! yay! / saw 'Batman Begins' with eviltwin

My evil twin called me shortly after I woke up and asked if she could spend the night, just to get away from her family and get some time with me. I asked Ben, and not only was he fine with it, but he insisted on sleeping on the couch so that we could girltalk all night, comfy in the bed. I have the BEST husband. (and we seriously need to get a sleeper sofa!)

We went by JoAnns so I could get some more beads for my current project, (which is in a color scheme I had about three beads in) and met a woman who wanted to make a necklace but was totally clueless, so I gave her a crash course on the basics as Kristen and I hunted for beads that would work for this project. The lady apparently works at Gap, and she thought I should bring my jewelry in and try to sell it there, like she said some brazillian ladies do -- obviously she hasn't seen my jewelry. People who buy cookie-cutter don't want custom-made pieces. (although I will admit Gap occasionally has good jeans) Kristen insists we were there for an hour and a half, but I'm positive it was only 45 minutes, maybe 50. heh. It was fun though, as my non-crafty eviltwin admitted.

She and I went to see Batman, which was good but would have been SO much better if they had hired an attractive actor. It's so not fair, how actresses have to be 100% gorgeous, and actors don't even have to be mildly attractive. Look at Russell Crowe for goodness sake. Or Kevin Bacon. Or Jack Nicholson! Bah!

During the movie I flinched and cringed and jumped (because I immerse myself in the reality presented to me, like you are supposed to, dammit!), and Kristen mostly snickered at me and poked me and occasionally asked if I was okay -- I think she found my reactions as entertaining as the movie. *rolls eyes*

(p.s. note the date -- I have some catching up to do)
Tags: eviltwin

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