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games with eviltwin, Rebecca, and Sadie / modeling clash / Ben and eviltwin

So eviltwin and I woke up late... to breakfast! made by Ben! on his lunch break! Do you need any more proof that he's the best husband EVER? He makes me so happy...

We drove to another beadstore that I'd never been to (in search of beads for the project), but it was closed... so we went to Publix and bought some of these -- YUMMY! Mango and passion fruit. Then we went to Rebecca's house and convinced Rebecca and Sadie to bring some games over to my flat. The question-type games, Imaginiff and Loaded Questions. We laughed our hienies off! Loaded Questions is my favorite game ever -- except maybe Wise and Otherwise, where one person reads half of an old saying and everyone makes up an ending, which the first person reads out loud and everyone guesses which is the correct answer... it's fuckinilarious, and if you play with the right people, filled with innuendo.

Rebecca had buy-one-get-one-free coupons to Brewsters and Sadie was begging for ice cream, so we went out and got some (I got frozen yogurt 'cause I like it better). (Rebecca drove, of course) It was just such a fun evening.

Oh, and Kristen picked up my photo album -- the one I put together to show Patricia -- and said, "What's this?" to me like she'd caught a kid with his hand in the cookie jar. I didn't want her to know, mainly because she tends to tell her parents everything, even if she doesn't really want to, and I strongly suspect that if her parents knew, they wouldn't be so thrilled about her spending time with me. And she needs a voice telling her that she's worthy no matter how many expectations she doesn't live up (or down) to. But the cat was out of the bag, so I tried to explain... it is hard to talk about something sacred to someone who disapproves of it, so I did a rather lousy job, but she seemed to accept it okay. Then as the evening wore on and she got a little buzzed and sugared, she kept on making references to my modeling in sarcastic ways. I've never been very good at defending my art, or as she put it, "your 'art' *rolleyes*."

Well, darling wonderful peacemaker Rebecca noticed, and when we got back from Brewsters she asked to look at my photo album again and very deliberately flipped through, commenting on some of them, and saying which one was her favorite -- basically giving me her stamp of approval. Kristen was very swayed, because Ben's family has a reputation for being VERY chaste, pure, 'religious', etc. She looked through it too (the first time she had been so shocked she didn't look past the first few) and I think she saw the art in it, though not like I do, of course. And she didn't make any more disparaging comments.

Later, Kristen gave me an amazing shoulder massage while we sat in the living room and talked with Ben (at his request!). It's interesting -- she is every bit as open with Ben as she is with me (and she's more open with me than she's ever been with anyone else) because she assumes that anything she says to me will get to Ben eventually anyway. (I will keep things confidential if asked, but otherwise she's pretty much right) She trusts him because she sees him as a part of me. And Ben is very open with her -- more so than I've seen him with anyone except me and Kaylene. He wants to hook her up with his brother. heh.
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