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The group counseling thing I go to is held at my church, and while I was there this week I saw Gabe! My wonderful little brother. Aside from Ben, he's the only real family I've ever had. My biological family never really bonded with me, and even though I kinda adopted Paula and Spencer, they never adopted me the same way. But with Gabe, we couldn't be any more brother and sister if we were actually blood related. I drove him to and from school for months and then taught him to drive, and all those mornings and afternoons we talked about everything.

I saw Gabe and my heart LEPT! I was so excited and happy just to see him! We talked just a little bit about his college and such (he was away for school but he's back for the summer), but we couldn't talk for long because I had to go to small group. I wonder how much he has changed this year... he's always been very mature in spiritual issues but very much a kid in practical issues, because he was the only child of a single mom for a long time -- I imagine that being sorta on his own for a year has grown him up a lot.

I never realized just how important he is to me until that moment -- I was so overwhelmed with joy just to see him, my darling little brother. Wow. I don't think I'd be that happy even if Kaylene showed up at my door.

He's an amazing person. When I lived with his family, a few times he did something to hurt me (through carelessness), and when I approached him about it, he was very humble, apologized, and really worked on changing. One time he did something that made me look irresponsible in front of Spencer (can't remember what) and I was so upset I just avoided him for the day because I didn't want to yell at him. Before I even got a chance to tell him that what he had done bothered me, he taped a note to my bedroom door -- and in that note he explained how he realized he had wronged me, and he apologized -- and he was SIXTEEN at the time. I was blown away by his maturity (and of course I forgave him). But here's the impressive part -- he remembered that and was more responsible afterwards. So you understand why I adore him!

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