Belenen (belenen) wrote,

fleas must die.

Fleas! Uh. I got so behind on my LJing because I just couldn't concentrate on anything, I was so frustrated I was snapping at Ben a lot... so despite our limited funds we went out and bought flea powder and spray and killed the damn things! It took more than a day to see a difference, though, and I was worried that the powder wasn't working, but they got weaker and slower and now finally it has been a full day since I've seen one! And we got Advantage for Kanika and she finally has her energy back -- she was scratching so much she didn't even have the energy to play. So if you ever have flea problems, use Adams powder, leave it on for 48 hours, vaccuum, and then use Adams spray wherever it's impossible to vaccuum.

You wouldn't think something so small would affect you so much but I was SO upset about it. I felt unsafe and invaded and SO frustrated because I couldn't keep them from jumping on me! And then I'd smush and smush them between my fingers and they'd hop away unfazed when I opened my fingers!

But it's over now, hallelujah.
Tags: anger

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