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curvygirl community / your image of beauty is the average of every person you've seen

curvygirls are beautiful.

I'm so proud of my new community. Everyone is so friendly and supportive and so gorgeous too! I have the community moderating page set as my homepage, and I check the community before I even check my own journal or friends page. That's dedication, eh? I try to check every comment too, to make sure that there aren't any trolls. And it's definitely the fastest-growing community I've ever made, 69 members in less than a month.

I once heard (though I haven't been able to find any data on this) that your perception of beauty is an average of every person you've ever seen -- and that makes perfect sense. I know that the more I see curvy women, the more I find myself attractive, and the more I see my own image, the more confident and loving of my own body I become. That's why I always have my desktop set to a curvy woman or a photo of myself -- not out of vanity but out of a desire to shape my own mind and control what I subconsciously believe. And that is why I NEVER buy fashion magazines (except for that one about Ryan Phillippe and Reece Witherspoon's marriage, I admit I just couldn't bring myself to merely read the article in the store, it felt too much like stealing) or watch TV or allow myself to look at images of thin models. Because I want to find myself beautiful, and to do that I feel that I need to control what I see.

And for the naturally thin girls on my flist, join naturallythin -- they're the same sort of community, but focused on girls who are naturally slender.
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