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you might wanna unfriend me when you read this -- if so, go ahead.

I just realized I met a lot of you after the election, and wondered how many of you would unfriend me if you knew that I voted for Bush. Yep, I did. And no, I'm not stupid, and no, I don't agree with everything Bush stands for. If you want to know, here's my logic. Why did I vote for Bush? For the reasons of the economy and security (btw, regardless of party, the economy always does well in the second term of a president), and also because I believe he's fundamentally honest, and I will support an honest person over a blurry one in any situation. Honesty is very very important to me. And he obviously has a relationship with God, yet he's loose enough to flip a bird -- I just plain like him for that. So yeah, I'll admit it, part of the reason I voted for Bush is because I simply like and respect him.

If you're wondering, I don't agree with Bush on abortion and gay marriage, but I did not feel that those issues were more urgent than the economy and national security. And I didn't think that he would be able to change our laws on those two issues even if he wanted to -- and so far he hasn't. The states voted, some for gay marriage, some against -- and abortion laws haven't changed, at least not dramatically (as far as I know they haven't changed at all).

And I'm not interested in arguing about it. It's just my feelings and opinions -- I didn't try to sway any of you before the election and I'm not going to try to sway any of you now. I understand that a lot of you hate him, and that is completely your decision and I have never quibbled with any of you about it and don't intend to start now. Comments are screened, so that you can state your opinions but you can't argue with each other. ;-)

p.s. I'm actually pretty nervous about this, but I want to be honest.
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