Belenen (belenen) wrote,

meme -- fictional fantasy

I was tagged by acid_burns (awww I feel so loved! I confess I'm a sucker for shout-outs) for this meme:
List ten fictional characters that you would like to have sex with. Then tag five friends to share their list.
But since I'm rebellious (and taken) I'm gonna change it up a bit; these are eight (couldn't think of ten) fictional characters that I find irresistible in every way:

1. Joan from Playing By Heart (played by Angelina Jolie)
She's just so firey and passionate and herself. She doesn't hold anything back or conceal anything about herself. And she has these exuberant mannerisms that, to me, exemplify freedom of self. Also I adore the way Angelina looks in that movie -- her short wild hair, her curvy body (honestly she's too thin for my taste nowadays), the crazy outfits she wore, her bold makeup, everything.

2. The unnamed protagonist in "Biting The Sun" (a novel by Tanith Lee)
You never learn her name, which annoys me because I want to name a kid after her. In a society that is purely hedonistic, she is determined to live deeply, and turns her back on an easy, shallow life. She's incredibly strong and passionate and honest; of course I adore her.

3. Keenan from "Playing By Heart" (played by Ryan Phillippe)
He's almost a minor character, but he comes across as such a generous, loving person. And he reminds me very much of Ben. And he has blue hair!

4. Trinity from "Matrix" (played by Carrie-Anne Moss)
Strong, passionate, self-sufficient yet willing to be vulnerable. She's not very attractive to me physically, but her spirit is amazing.

5. Sabastian from "Cruel Intentions" (played by Ryan Phillippe)
I know he starts out as an asshole, but he changes, develops into a real person when he stumbles upon real love. Growing and allowing yourself to change always attracts me in a person. And he's just so damn sexy.

6. Legs from "Foxfire" (played by Angelina Jolie)
"Don't take any shit" -- She's a wanderer, a nuevo-gypsy, who fights not only for herself but for others who can't fight for themselves. She's a catalyst, bringing change in a thrilling whirlwind. She's completely unafraid and uninhibited.

7. Loren in "Silver Metal Lover" (a novel by Tanith Lee)
Loren lies -- but she admits that she's a liar. She's strong -- but not strong enough to give up on a most likely false love. She's both more and less than she seems, always. I am fascinated by her duality.

8. Sara from "Save The Last Dance" (played by Julia Stiles)
She doesn't give up, she doesn't let anyone put her down, and she refuses to slide meekly into any stereotype. Race seems not to even register with her; she doesn't let it get in the way of her love or friendship.

I tag:
1. chapeco
2. aubkabob
3. jedibubbles
4. boobiequeen
5. notashamed

Y'all can do either the "who would I have sex with" or the "who do I find completely irresistible" version. ;-)

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