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artistic nude modeling

I posted a while back about how I model nude, and how I was wanting to share that with someone I respect but I was afraid of what ze might think. One person responded by saying that ze shouldn't judge me either way, that nude modeling was just what I did, not who I was.

But it is who I am -- a very important part of who I am, at least. I believe that everything you do shapes who you are -- especially in the realm of creation.

Nude modeling is an art form, and it is perhaps the one dearest to my heart. I am not sure if I love beadweaving or nude modeling more -- they both are expressions of who I am. Some models are just mannequins, paid to stand in front of the camera and follow posing directions -- and that's still art, but the only artist involved is the photographer. I am an artist. I pour myself out for the camera to capture; I have an instinct for posing; I share more than one facet of myself with the camera. I am not as good as I will one day be, but I do have a talent for it. It's my art. Of course the photographer is of equal importance in the creating of images, but ze is not the only artist.

Art is supposed to bring about good in some way. It's supposed to cause you to think more deeply or feel something new or simply be touched by beauty. Artistic nudity, whether it is in the form of a painting or a photograph, has the purpose of glorifying the human body, showing its beauty. The art nude captures the whole essence of the subject and makes it more, gives it additional meaning. A model feels uplifted, empowered; her/his beauty is being not only respected but almost revered. I know that when I model I feel like I am glowing, like I am more than usual, and it is that 'more' that is seared onto the negatives. I come away feeling as if I have grown, as if I have been given a gift of believing in myself.

Read before you click! This is a not work safe semi-abstract nude by zancro -- it shocked me at first, but after I got over my surprise I was fascinated by the beauty of it. Some may find it offensive, just warning you.
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