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I bought a betta fish and named him Hyacinthe!

Looks around a little nervously, but no one else is in the room. Relaxes.

Anyway, on Monday I got a Siamese fighting fish, less intelligently known as a Betta fish. He swirls with mostly a rich red, shimmering with blues, greens, and purples-- like a Mendicant's(sp?) cloak. He looks so gypsyish... I named him Hyacinthe! (pauses for Del's delighted action. wonders what that action is.) [I'm in a really weird mood right now.] My Hyacinthe is the Master of his own Straits, namely a 2 and 1/2 foot wiggly vase. It looks awesome. If I get a digital camera for my birthday (blinks charmingly at Ben, who remains absent), one of the very first pictures I take will be of Hyacinthe and his awesome home!

They had the Betas in these tiny tiny cups, and when I finally put Hyacinthe in his new home he didn't know what to do with all the space. Now he has gotten used to it and he LOVES it. He'll swim really fast down to the bottom sometimes and then right back up. If the lights are off he goes to the bottom and sleeps. It's so cute. And if Ben plays his guitar Hya goes crazy, swishing all around. Oh yeah, and if you come up close to the vase he'll show off his fins, doing this really slow turn so that you see every gorgeous scale. He only does it if you are up close looking at him though, so I'm convinced that he is in fact showing off.

And evileve is giving away her Devon Rex. I've been praying for one, but it's a $1,000 cat and I can't afford that. I'm afraid she's already given the kitty away, but I am not giving up hope. I want that kitty SO MUCH!!!!!! We'll see.
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