Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (bellydancing show, my missing costume, patricia angry at me)

I was in a theatre, watching bellydancers get ready to perform. I hadn't realized that we (the troope I was apparently part of) was scheduled to perform right then, because I had missed the last class, when the others rehearsed and decided on the day of the show. I didn't even have a costume, but the other dancers pulled me into place as we were posing for photos beforehand. Then Patricia came along, saw me, and got very irate, taking me by the arm and pulling me away from the others. She demanded to know why I wasn't dressed, and I told her that I 'forgot' my costume. I was relieved that she had pulled me out, because I didn't feel like I could really perform anyway. But then she picked up a thing of fabric, cut off a length, and told me to go change and use that for my cape. I went into the bathroom and took off my clothes, putting on my skirt (which was the only costume thing I owned) and the length of fabric. Then I realized I didn't have a bra (as in bellydancing top), and I went to find Patricia. She was irritated with me, and pulled out another length of fabric, cut it, and told me to wear that as a bra. I was very unhappy that she gave me first tan and then red (when my skirt was purple) which would clash and look ugly -- especially since there were really pretty blue and purple fabrics sitting on the same counter. But I felt like I deserved it for not being ready, so I didn't protest or even ask for the pretty colors. I just put the other ones on and then the dream ended.
Tags: dancing, dreams

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