Belenen (belenen) wrote,

sanctuary -- I'm finally going to have one again.

At small group on Tuesday I told my group (5 people including me and the leader/counselor) about my weekend, and they were very supportive... I just poured my heart out, and they understood. It was such a relief. We were all much more open, actually, and the session felt cleansing.

One of the things we talked about was my need for a sanctuary, a place that is all mine where I can focus myself. I haven't had a real sanctuary since before I got married (1.5 years ago), and it has worn on me. I need a place to be surrounded by myself, shutting out everything that is not me. So that was one of the things we prayed about -- and the next day, Ben and I stopped by the thrift store and found the perfect chair for 8 dollars. (8 is a sacred number for me, by the way) What I'm going to do is section off a corner of the bedroom by hanging fabric from the ceiling, and in that section I'll have my chair (which I'm going to cover in new fabric) and some other things, and that will be my sanctuary. You have no idea how exciting this is to me. I'll be able to have a safe place to talk to God (for some reason it's not as real to me unless I talk out loud, and I don't feel safe talking out loud to him just anywhere). I'll be able to rest spiritually without having to go to the church!

I'll take photos when I have it set up, I'm sure. ;-)
Tags: deities

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