Belenen (belenen) wrote,

obsessions and collections / my favorites

Poll #532826 obsessions and collections

what do you obsess/get-ridiculously-excited over?

what do you collect? or what would you collect if you could?

My collections: My Little Pony petites (the inch-tall ones), tiny porcelain vases and bells, Fairy Winkles & Wee Winkles (obviously I love tiny things), anything that is close to vivid violet, and anything with dragonflies (as long as the dragonflies are fairly realistic, I don't like googly-eyed ones. Dragonfly eyes are NOT lumps on top of their head).

My obsessions: glass (seriously, I find it incredibly fascinating), vivid violet, dragonflies, Angelina Jolie, coffee, beading, reading sci-fi/fantasy (except human-centric sci-fi, I usually find it boring if they don't interact with another species), The Benjamin Gate, Massivivid (sadly little-known but WAY FUCKING AWESOME bands), acid jazz, and, well, LJ. heh. ;-)

And since you told me your favorites, here are mine:

favorite color: vivid violet (shocker, huh?)
favorite band: The Benjamin Gate
favorite music genre: a tie between acid jazz & industrial
favorite number/letter: 11, 13, 8, 2 / K, Y, J, L, V, S, R (all of those are in order!)
favorite actress/actor: Angelina Jolie / Ryan Phillippe
favorite type of food: mexican! Spicy and tomatoey and cheesy, mmmmm.
favorite movie: "Playing By Heart"
favorite book: "Hopscotch" by Julio Cortazar, though "Biting The Sun" by Tanith Lee runs a very close second.
favorite animal: snow leopard & dragonfly
Tags: giving, polls

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