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Kristy visits -- thrift-shopping & movie-watching / Playing By Heart

Kristy came up for a few days -- and promptly took off with Rebecca and elya to North Carolina. But it didn't really bother me because I have adjusted my expectations. I had no idea the power you have over your own emotions. If you accept people as they are and don't expect more of them than they are likely to give, you're a lot happier and more free. I'm not pleased that she keeps me at a distance and seems to want me around just to adore her -- but you know what, there is nothing I can do about that, so I'm accepting it. I just had to realize that at this point in time, she does not want to be realfriends. And I am not responsible for her choices and the fact that she is really missing out by choosing not to be realfriends with me.

So we had casual fun on the day that she was originally planning to leave. She told me that when she heard that I was going out with the girls, she decided to stay an extra day, which I took with a grain of salt because she always tends to stay later than she plans to. But it flattered me all the same.

We went thrift-shopping, which resulted in three new shirts and two new dresses for a total of $17. ;-) Oh, and Miss K was so sweet -- she gave each of us $20, which meant my stuff was actually all a gift! And she took us all out to lunch, which was fabulously yummy.

Then Rebecca and Kristy and I went back to my flat to play with Kanika, and after a bit I decided that I absolutely had to wash my hair right then, so I told them they could leave if they were bored and I set up the bathroom (I have to have candles and music for washing my hair). Kristy offered to help me wash my hair, which I thought was so incredibly sweet, and so they both stayed in the bathroom with me while I washed my hair, and Kristy massaged my scalp for me. I wish Rebecca and I were that comfortable with each other when Kristy's not around. Kristy is the one person that I am never uncomfortable around -- 'cause I know that I can't shock her! And she seems to have a relaxing(?) effect on Rebecca.

Later Kristy and elya and I went to Kroger ('cause Publix was closed, otherwise I'd have pitched a hissy fit) and bought ice cream, and then we came back and watched movies. Guess what my suggestion was. "Playing By Heart," of course. I knew Kristy would love it, but I still don't really know what Rebecca and elya thought. I was scared to ask because I hate the idea that maybe they didn't like it. Kristy and I cuddled on the loveseat and I petted her hair for almost the whole movie. Seeing the character Joan smile in that movie makes me smile, it actually makes me happy. I can't help it.

Oh. And then Kristy and elya put on a country line dancing video and actually started learning the dances! It was hilarious. I thought elya was kidding when she pulled out the video, but no, she really rented it, she didn't find it at a garage sale for a quarter. After they wore out their craziness, we watched "Don Juan Demarco" which I found rather dull and silly, but Kristy actually petted my hair some while we watched it, so that made it worth it. That was another expectation thing -- rather than expecting her to offer, I asked, and I felt no compunction about it.
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