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I'm wasted at this no-brain job

I keep dreaming about WORK. I can't escape it! If I'm awake, I think/stew/worry/growl about it, if I'm asleep, I dream about it! We are moving the whole crafts department, a massive undertaking if you have ever seen the craft section of a JoAnns etc. And my "part-time" job is using me 39 hours a week, for little bitty dimes.

But the real problem is that I'm being wasted. My job requires so little independent thinking that a robot could do it, and so little responsibility that a sixth-grade boy could handle it. I need a job that at least requires me to use my brain! I often sneak and do things that are other people's jobs, just 'cause mine is so stultifyingly dumb. Nobody notices anyway.

Basically my job has no challenge (except for right now bk of the craft move) and I'm going to turn in my notice soon. Not sure exactly when. I know they need me right now, but... I need a mentally challenging, high-responsibility job where there are promotions I can work for. And it needs to pay me more. I'm looking for between $14 and $18 an hour, which I know I am worth, and I know there are people willing to pay me that. I just have to find them.

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