Belenen (belenen) wrote,

restoration meeting / thoughts

Small group this week was desperately needed. I was so depressed beforehand that I forgot about the whole thing, and ended up getting there 20 minutes late. I cried my eyes out beforehand and during the speaker's talk, and then dried up while listening to my other group members talk, and then cried my eyes out again when I talked. It's a good thing one of the girls wasn't there, because I took up all the time that would have been hers.

I know I am meant to be a counselor. I see the trust and the gratitude for understanding in the other girls eyes when they talk, they look at me a lot. And I feel so happy just to give them that little bit of support.

I left feeling relieved, oddly enough. I've been so upset about my body lately, and I was kinda ashamed to share that because it seemed so petty compared to their stresses, but they took me quite seriously, and they cared. I want to help weave the strands of connection between us, I don't know what I mean by that but I just do.

God is good.
Tags: deities

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