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Time for a show-off post! All of these were custom orders. ;-) I looooooooove you guys who ordered from me, you have no idea. It's just about the best compliment you can give me!

The Eve
in Bloodstone & Poppy Jasper

ordered by thesaj for his girlfriend darkpool
The Kaylene
in Bright Berries

ordered by talkingpotato for her own lovely quirky self
The Pheobe
in Earth

ordered by lorelai_sakti for her own lovely spunky self
The elya
in Carnation & Raspberry

ordered by Heather, Ben's ex-coworkers girlfriend who lives in our neighborhood. ;-)

angeleyes831 also ordered a set, but I forgot to get more photos when the first ones didn't turn out well.

I have a little extender I made so that I can model these -- the Kaylene and the Pheobe were both too small for me. And don't worry, I wash the earhooks after I model them. ;-) I haven't actually updated the site with these photos yet, but you can visit it here:
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