Belenen (belenen) wrote,

alariya spoils me / refusing negative influences

alariya took me out to lunch; she is such a sweetheart! Sometimes I feel guilty for letting her spoil me so much, but dammit, I love it! She was so happy she glowed -- I mentioned that to her and she said it was because she was with me. Silly girl! But I love her.

She's struggling in a relationship with a person who is very negative a lot of the time... we discussed that and I advised her to put her foot down. I think that you have a right to tell a person you don't want to hear negative things from them. Oddly enough I tried my own advice a few weeks ago and told my mom that I didn't want to hear negativity -- she got so upset she hung up on me, but the next time I talked to her she was remarkably more positive. So it works.
Tags: ashe

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