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time with Del / I danced in public!

I have the best friends ever. Seriously, sometimes I feel sorry for everyone who isn't me, 'cause they don't have all of my wonderful friends... and that's why I like to hook them up and make them befriend each other, 'cause I don't want to have all the wonderfulness to myself. Anyway.

jedibubbles and I went out and spent the day together. First we went to the local coffeehouse to sit on the green couch and talk about everything... that couch isn't even ours but it already holds so many memories... And I paid for my coffee with change! 'Cause Ben and I are that broke right now.

After a few hours, we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant (most of the waiters know me by now, as well they should 'cause I'm always dragging my friends there, and when it's Ben and I we hugely overtip) 'cause she insisted on buying me dinner. *kisses at Del* And this after alariya took me there earlier this week! I feel so amazingly blessed.

Oh and 'cause it was Thursday they had the traditional Mexican band playing (in full costume) and they stopped by our table and played for us, and tried to get us to dance -- jedibubbles got up right away, but I felt too self-conscious and I'm weird about dancing in front of people, so at first I said no, and then a different musician tried to take my hand and pull me up, but I refused. Then I sat there thinking to myself, why the hell aren't you getting up? You know you'd love to. The real you would do it with no hesitation at all. But I couldn't bring myself to just get up -- and then one of the musicians encouraged me again and finally I got up and danced! Then of course I was disappointed that I had missed out on most of the song, but I was SO proud of myself -- dancing with people watching has always been something that was very hard for me to do. (unless it's worship, then I am not even aware of other people's existence) VERY hard. So this marks a change in me -- before I'd have beat myself up about not having the guts to do it, but there's no way I'd have gotten up. I probably didn't look that great, because I was so nervous at first, and just as I got comfortable dancing, the song was over -- and then I was literally shaking afterwards. But I did it! It really helped that Del was so free and unafraid; I didn't feel like she'd judge me.

Sometimes I think the greatest gifts are the ones we don't even know we're giving.
Tags: allison, dancing, the green couch

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