Belenen (belenen) wrote,

I've joined the HP fandom!!! AAaaaahhhhh!!!!!!

I read all 6 books (at least 3,300 pages) in the last eight days. J.K. Rowling can write! So much suspense! And I really never knew what was going to happen (except I knew that a certain character was going to die, so all I did after meeting him was wait for him to die) -- which is very unusual, I tend to have a good feel for what is going to happen next. I just gobbled up the books. Her characters are awesome, her talent for bending realism is amazing, and her magical imagination is unsurpassed -- but best of all her plotting is so unusual, so sneaky, that even at the end of book six, I'm still not sure where Snape's loyalties lie. I want him dead either way though, the asshole. And I'm not sure if the guy who died at the end is really dead. (trying not to spoil things for those who might want to read)

OH, and you know the 'show don't tell' thing that writing teachers always tell you? Through reading her, I finally understand how. Nowhere does she go off expounding on the feelings of any character (except occasionally Harry, since he's the protagonist) -- she just shows how they're feeling through their actions. She's amazing, I really really hope that after this series she'll go for a more fantastical series (as opposed to the 'magical realism' of the HP series)

My favorite part was the D.A. -- I'm not sure why but I LOVED that. I felt like Harry came into his own there, and I loved Hermione for organizing it.

And, in case you can't tell, Luna Lovegood is my favorite character. She has a 'knack for uncomfortable honesty' that I just LOVE. She's so drifty and ethereal. And it doesn't even occur to her to conform or care what people think.

Now I'm wondering if the movies are any good. Thoughts from fans who read the books first?
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