Belenen (belenen) wrote,

eviltwin and I talk about nude modeling

My eviltwin spent the night after the hair-cutting ceremony, and the next day we got up late and sat around in the living room talking. She brought up the subject of my nude modeling in her blunt way, "So why did you decide to do that?" waving her hand at my photo album. Thanks to an LJ friend questioning me a few days ago, I actually had my thoughts organized and was able to explain my thoughts and feelings on the subject. I told her that I posed the first time because I was curious; I wanted to see what it was like. After that experience, I continued because it changed me, helped me to see my own beauty and recognize that how God made me was art in itself. She was surprised to hear that I had always thought of myself as unattractive and plain.

She amazed me with her openmindedness. She listened and considered what I had to say and didn't contradict me or try to change my opinion once! I did not expect that at all. After I had explained, she said that she had been praying about it and she felt like God said there was something about it she was missing, something that she didn't understand, so she asked me for the answer. She said that she felt that there were some people who would not be able to grasp the meaning and the art behind it, such as her parents, but she understood. I really think she did.

I expected to have to defend myself, and instead I received understanding. I am so impressed with how Kristen has matured and is thinking for herself more, even when it comes to disagreeing with what her parents might think! She's amazing. I don't know if I'd have been able to stretch that rapidly if I were in her shoes. I'm so glad that we're rekindling our friendship now and not a year ago -- only now are we really ready for each other. I'm so excited to watch her grow and mature and I am eager for the future of our friendship.
Tags: art -- photography, clothesfree, eviltwin

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