Belenen (belenen) wrote,

the morality of nude modeling

I am an artist.
A painter to be exact.
I can understand what you are saying. I can "get" what you mean about your art form, but...

I feel that it is very important for me to let you know something about this. Nudity does not offend me, and I don't fear it like some may. When I was in college we had live nude models come into our class room, and I had to draw several pictures of them.

I definitely think that God's creation is beautiful. This is especially since we are made in His image...
...enough sugar coating.

I personally don't feel that nude modeling is appropriate. I would never enforce this opinion on anyone else, but I know a little of how the male mind works. My husband has enlightened me as to just how visually stimulated men can be.

I think that while to some nude modeling is art, but you have to understand that some may seriously and literally get off on it. Please pardon the use of that phrase, but it happens. I guess what I'm saying is that I understand why you feel that nude modeling is a part of you. I can relate to how it makes you feel, but personally I think some may not be able to handle it properly, i.e the "getting off" comment.

I do hope this is coming across the way I want it to. I really don't want to offend you, and please know that I accept you just the way you are. I can fully appreciate the artistic nature of what you do. I just vehemently hate pornography, and some may not be able to tell the differance. Some lump porn and artistic nudity into the same catagory.

That picture by your friend of the female anatomy was a bit shocking. I can appreciate it if I think of it as an abstract work, but literally I find it disgusting. I'm nothing if I'm not honest.

This changes nothing of how highly I regard you. I added you to my list fully aware that you posed as a nude model. I just wanted to share my opinion on it.

The response:
I have indeed thought about all of that. To me, it boils down to this: if I thought it was wrong, I should obviously keep it to myself. And if I really think it is right and beautiful, then why would I hide it? I know that I am not responsible for anyone's choices except mine, and if a man sees a nude photo of me he has a choice -- to lust or to see the beauty of the human body. And I am not responsible for which choice he makes. Some will argue that a man 'can't help' but lust when he sees a photo of a nude woman, but that's a lie. There is always a choice. The Bible says that there is always a way out of temptation.

There is a lie that is very prevalant nowadays -- the lie that men can't control their sexual impulses. Some use this as an excuse for porn and some even take it as far as to use it as an excuse for rape. A man is in charge of his reactions, and if he is weak then he is responsible for not allowing himself the temptation. That is one of the reasons that there is a warning when opening my photography page -- it allows men who know they are weak in the area of lust to stay away from temptation.

I believe my art is pure and beautiful and godly, and I refuse to hide it merely because it could possibly be misused.
Tags: art -- photography, clothesfree

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