Belenen (belenen) wrote,

stolen stereo / financial stress / going back to work

Woke up to Ben telling me he had bad news. Someone stole my pretty $200 CD/stereo out of my car, as well as Ben's CD visor with all of his favorite CDs in it. We never locked the car at home because we figured, who's going to go into our car, parked less than 20 feet from our front door? We know better now. Apparently someone else in the neighborhood had a guitar stolen out of their car too.

Oddly enough I took it much better than Ben did, mainly I suppose 'cause I haven't been driving that often, so I won't really feel the loss. But I'm not going to want to drive at all with the stereo gone -- it's just not fun. Ben was upset because he felt like he had failed to protect me by not locking the car and keeping my stereo safe. He gave me that stereo for my 21st birthday. I've just been pushing it out of my mind -- there's really no point in thinking about it. We reported it to the police and now there's nothing else we can do.

And that loss, on top of having to shell out money for bills, Ben's medicine ('cause he has a lung infection), and a stupid uncancelled subscription made last year that put us negative in the bank account, causing a $64 fee (which is A LOT of money to us), AND Ben's had his hours cut lately (which pisses me off so much! It's unethical). We're really in a tight spot now.

I'm probably going back to work when they get out of the hiring freeze, sometime after the end of this month. The good thing is, I feel like the part of me that wants to get healed is strong enough now to successfully battle the part of me that shuts down all emotion when faced with responsibility. So going back to work now won't hinder my healing very much, whereas two months ago it would have halted it completely. Of course, all of that is assuming that they will hire me with my odd availability (working around Ben's schedule and not on Tuesday evenings or Saturdays 'cause of counseling).

Please do this meme! It'll give me such joy!
Tags: money

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