Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (Risa loves and trusts me)

I went to the Wynnes and talked to Paula and June about mattresses and whether Risa should call people Miss Firstname or Dr. Lastname. I said Miss Firstname, but they both disagreed with me and thought I was stupid for suggesting it. Then Paula went to work while June was babysitting Risa, and I thought I might as well leave. But Risa realized her mom was gone and ran over to me and hugged me, asking me where her mom was. I said her mom was at work, but she'd be back. Risa liked me much more than June, and since she wanted me to stay, I did, and played with Risa for a while. Risa's nickname was Kristina, and for some reason I couldn't remember her real name.
Tags: dreams, wynnes

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