Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (aubrey comes to visit)

I dreamed about aubkabob last night. I don't remember most of it, but I very distinctly remember the emotional mood of the dream. She had come to visit, and the part I remember was when she was leaving, and we were hugging goodbye. I was feeling warmly loved and affectionate because we had had such sisterlybonding fun (I think she had stayed for three days), and I just felt utterly at ease with her, restful even. It was my favorite kind of weather -- sunny and rainy. It had just finished raining as we went out to her car, and droplets from the trees were falling on us as the branches waved in the breeze and cast rippling leafy shadows on us. It was beautiful, serene, a perfect moment.

So now I've met you, Aubrey! Too bad you haven't met me yet. I feel so much closer to you now, and I feel like I understand you better. My dreams have that power.

So far, I've dreamed of these LJ friends:
maladroitkat, phrankenstyne, kevloid2006 (all the same dream)

Have any of you dreamed of me?

P.S. we let our phone service lapse for the time being, so you won't be able to call me until we pay again, which probably won't be until after the 26th. :-(
Tags: dreams, dreams more real than waking, lj friends, those passing through

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