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completely serving my husband for a month

Starting February 11th, I will be taking a month to serve sciethen... meaning I won't be working or anything for the first two weeks, and then the last two I will be both serving Ben and searching for my new job, which I will hopefully start on the 13th of March.
This sounds dumb, yes. Nonetheless, Ben and I can survive fairly well on just his income (our expenses are minimal and God takes awesome care of us), and I will be able to rest and learn to not be so damn arrogant. I may not be arrogant with most people, but if I know someone else is wrong, I never see my own wrong, just get totally focused on their problem. Hopefully I will be humble soon. That will be quite a feat. I'll be very impressed, God. ;-)

"Be merciful to those who doubt"-- Jude

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