Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (in grey castle, guy tries to rape me but I knock him out and slice him, surface wounds)

I was in a castle-like place and I knew this guy was after me and I got scared. So I went to the basement and opened a stall with a credit card, went inside and I wasn't sure whether to lock it or not and then I heard him coming down the stairs so I started unscrewing the key but I couldn’t get it off and at the last second I realized that it wasn't a screw-off, it was a pull off. So I pulled it off and stuck it in the door just as he started pulling on the door. But I managed to yank it shut and lock it. Then he started taking the hinges out of the door and I had my cell phone so I picked it up and frantically tried to call my mom because she knew the castle really well. But I accidentally misdialed and a nun answered the phone. I started talking to her as if she was my mom, because I thought she was and she said "you really shouldn't talk to me about this, because I'm one of the stupid ones. You should really talk to my supervisor, because she's smart." But by that time he had gotten all the hinges out, and I had been dropping pens from my purse into the holes where the hinges were in hopes that they would hold him off a bit. So he started to climb the outside, so I climbed the inside. We both got to the top and he had a big fat hunting knife and he said that he could rape me and maul me, but I wrestled the knife away from him, which surprised him. I whipped it around and held it next to his neck and I threatened him. I realized I couldn't just kill him, 'cause then it would be murder. So I knocked him down on the floor and just sliced at him with a knife to incapacitate him.
Tags: dreams

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