Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (time-displacement festival w/ mary poppins, dancing; I try to take off Del's bright pink wig)

Ben and I were at the Ren. festival looking for Mary Poppins. It was kind of like the Ren. Fest, but it was a time-displacement festival. There were all kinds of weird characters. I met Mary Poppins and apparently she had several pre-planned stories that she could tell. She started telling me about the real one that she was time displaced instead of just pretending to be where she's supposed to be.

Then we moved on and we came to this booth where music was going and the owner of the booth was intending for people to dance. So Ben and I started dancing and everyone else started joining in. Then the barkeep offered us the jackets which I didn't want to put on because it was really hot but that was apparently part of his job; for people to wear the jackets. So we paid him and stepped through the arch to put the jackets on. This time a lot of people joined us, and he started teaching us this dance. Then Ben wasn't there but Elya, Rebecca, and Allison was. For some reason I could not get my eyes open so I couldn't watch him do the moves, and couldn't follow the dance. But elya stepped behind me and tried to guide me.

Then this group of people came running up and acting out a skit—a very violent one. All the sudden they opened a door and went up some stairs in the air and closed the door which then disappeared. Rebecca and Allison were sitting around with these other two girls discussing how they were going to go to Ihop. I was taking Allisons wig off (bright pink) and she got mad at me because she didn't want the wig removed. I was sad because I was just trying to help. We were all wearing skirts that had a corset down the back.
Tags: allison, b - ex-partner, dreams, elya, rebecca

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