Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (I tutor lil sis and everything gets dusty with white; Kristen moves in with a colorful tent)

I was in a bedroom where I was supposed to be tutoring lil sis. This dust kept coming in until it piled up on the ceiling and wall; it made everything white. My dad came in and was perplexed. Esther had been sitting on the roof, so she was out of the dust. My dad commented that that was smart, and he sat on the roof a little while, petting Esther.

Scene changed:

I was in a big bedroom, and eviltwin was there; she wanted to move in with me. I thought that would be fun, so we started re-arranging the furniture. Then I got distracted with something and when I came back in, she had hung a very colorful tent-like thing from the ceiling, but I wanted it away from the window; I wanted to put my desk with the computer next to the window; eviltwin got very grumpy about that. She eventually gave in, for it was my bedroom, and Ben started helping us hang it back in a different way.
Tags: ace, biofamily, dreams, eviltwin

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