Belenen (belenen) wrote,

the hook-up, version 2!

Please do at least check out your match. I wanna see some friending goin' on!

find your match!

aubkabob & scream_baby -- (you both are amazing. And you both are really insightful and I think you could delight each other the way you delight me)

shespoke & shioneh -- (you both have this beautiful sweet sensitivity, are very mature, and earnestly seek to grow)

evileve & misemifein2 -- (you're opposites but I think you'd really enjoy each other's point of view)

valynn & vineofcrescendo -- (you remind me of each other; you're both passionate open Christians and I think you'd love each other)

kevloid & dangermike -- (you both are always making me laugh out loud; I think you'd appreciate each other's sense of humor)

wandrlost & scourge -- (you're both very deep & very thoughtful; a lot alike, I think)

invisibleglue & maladroitkat -- (Nisha would love Kat's photography, and I think Kat would like Nisha's taste in music. You both have very artistic souls)

paperwings21 & beautymess -- (two words -- anonymous journal)

boobiequeen & sunshinepill -- (you have quiet LJ presences, but such bright spirits that they shine through your few words. You're both deeper than most)

cethlynn & darkpool -- (you're both long-haired chicks with a love for nature, you both like singing, both love renaissance faires, you're both engaged)

writer_lilies & phrankenstyne -- (you're both passionate sci-fi writers and I think you might like exchanging critiques)

writer_lilies & perilousdreamer -- (you're both very confident and opinionated, you both believe in God but passionately disbelieve in 'converting' others)

eternitywaiting & perilousdreamer -- (you're both very opinionated yet fairly open-minded and accepting of differences; both interested in psychology)

sidheblessed & chillychilly22 -- (I'm really not sure why, but I really think you'd click)

angeleyes831 & pendarves -- (you both like sci-fi, are very creative, and have a similar writing style)

kmiotutsie & notashamed -- (both Angelina fans! both strong, independent, and positive women, and both like 'White Oleander')

acid_burns & notashamed -- (both Angelina & Charlize & Tori Amos fans, a pretty unique blend of fandoms)

wallbrat & 12thknight -- (both introspective, intelligent, and compassionate; both very good writers)

synisterchyck & talkingpotato -- (you're both very unique & kooky! In an amusing sort of way)

Of course, I didn't do everyone, just the matches that popped out at me.

P.S. I took a lot of your 'secondary journals' (like writing journals) off my list, but I still want to visit them and read sometimes, so don't take me off their lists please!

P.P.S. I'm unscreening the comments on this entry -- if you want yours to stay screened let me know.

P.P.P.S. If you haven't done it before, enter yourself on my birthday alarm so I can remember it! (you don't have to give the year) I have to have a reminder email. ;-)
Tags: lj friends, meme

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