Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (amazing gifts from girl I can't remember)

I went to the thrift store and looked through tons of stuff. On the fifth floor I found a small box that opened and had some interesting stuff. And another box, with a whole bunch of boxes within it with tiny stuff which I love. So I bought it. I went home (apparently I lived under water) and somebody sent me a bunch of birthday presents. There was a card with a long message explaining what I meant to her, there was a little box with something cool in it, there was a crafting magazine, bags of beads, a big bag with stuffed animals (lil sis was around, so I gave them to her), balloons, ribbons, and there was a circular pop-up table. I could not remember who this person was. I thought that I must have known her in high-school, but I couldn't remember. She gave me so many presents, and most of them were really perfect; she must have known me pretty well.
Tags: ace, dreams, dreams more real than waking

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