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I'm working again / music from Vee!

Good news: I got my job back.
Bad news: I have to work opposite schedules to Ben, so we'll barely see each other.

But -- I do like getting up late, and they did give me Tuesdays and Saturdays off. I have to go to orientation though (tomorrow at 9 AM), which I think is ridiculous. I already know all of that crap! Maybe they'll let me leave early.

I once again have a phone!!! Yay! I'll probably call some of you soon.

I finally cleared out my inbox today, so a lot of you got really late comments... some were almost two months old! Feels good to have that done, it's been bothering me.

This was a pretty useless post... I have so much swirling in my head that only the dross on the edges manages to escape the whirlpool of my thoughts. I want to post about the hurricane, and trust/openness, and tons of other stuff but it will have to wait, because I MUST sleep.

Oh, another good thing -- bluebl00d has been introducing me to all of this awesome music (mainly acid jazz)! She has fabulous taste. I have a playlist titled "from Vee" with Emiliana Torrini, Guano Apes, Lunascape, Mono, Soulstice, Supreme Being of Leisure, and Wild Strawberries -- and I've been listening to it constantly the last few days! Thanks Vee!
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