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dreams (vivid and varied)

     The other night, I dreamed about Greg (this 25-35 yr-old black guy at my work) convincing me to take off my clothes and cuddle with him, and then the night before last I dreamed about some random white 30-something guy trying to seduce me (he didn't get farther than conversation).  I'm a little disturbed.....
     And the other other night, I dreamed a dream that seemed very familiar.  I was in a store, and this 40-something slight white woman (I'll call her D.) and her son came in.  He was human, she was not.  Over the intercom D. asked everyone in the store to come to the back, and we did.  When we got there, she laughed and told us that since we had obeyed her, our wills were now forfeit.  She told us we could do what we liked but we had to stay in the store.  So we wandered aimlessly.
     D.'s son had a giant python that he was threatening people with, carrying it on his shoulder.  It started swallowing his arm and eventually swallowed him completely.  I was almost sure there was one in my boot (I was wearing knee-high leather boots) but I was too afraid to take it off and see.  I did see another one on the floor and pointed it out to Ben for him to kill it.  He stomped it and stomped it and it flattened, but didn't die, so I handed Ben his knife and he stabbed it.  It finally died.
     Then gypsies came in, dancing, and with them I danced out of the store, but the world got so blurry and all I could think of doing was to go back in, so I did.  Then these guys came up with an airplane, and I went and got in, but D. warned me that I would jump off.  I tested the theory by having Ben put me up on the roof, and I could not resist the urge to jump down.  So I went back inside.  D. began telling me to do things, hand her this and that, and I did.  I picked up a weird mushy gold bangle, and prayed that she would not know what the material was.  She didn't, and for some reason that gave me the ability to resist giving it to her.  Then I woke.
     And the other day I dreamed that I found twins hanging on a rack at JoAnns, and they were automatically mine because I found them, but I got so caught up in work that I forgot about them, and they were newborn so I was afraid they had died from lack of food but someone told me they were fine.
     And last night I dreamed that I got caught up in working in the back at JoAnns, and didn't look at my watch until 5:45, and I was worried that they would think I lied about going to church Sunday evenings....
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