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culture talks / how much to share / work annoyances

Orientation was actually pretty interesting, because there was a long period of time when we were waiting for the computers to come online that we all just talked. One woman was Hopi, and had actually lived on the reservation in the traditional ways; one kid was originally from Jamaica, and had lived in NY for a long while -- he was a cynical capitalist who was paranoid about the powers of the government; and one girl who I really liked, from south central LA -- she talked about the gang culture, which fascinated me. I love learning about cultures. But that kid from NY annoyed the crap out of me, especially when he used the word 'rape' casually. Had he been talking to me, I would have confronted him, but since he was talking to someone else, I wasn't sure what to do and hesitated too long. :-\

I'm not sure how much to share with people -- I feel comfortable telling anything, but I have to pay attention to the fact that not everyone is comfortable with hearing everything. So I simply said that I took the summer off, and didn't say for what, even thought it made me feel rather dishonest.

I didn't have to do any CBLs (computer-based-learning), 'cause those were saved from when I did them before. That was good.

But Polly gave me a schedule of 9-hour shifts. That was NOT good. I hate them with a passion! But hopefully after the next three weeks she'll change it up -- she did imply as much. Unfortunately, I am scheduled 2-11 both the 29th and 30th, I'm going to try to get her to change it but I might not get to do more than meet Anika when she comes into Atlanta! I'm very upset about that.
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