February 29th, 2004


road trip to Virginia / latex and I don't like each other

The drive up to Virginia was fun… Ben and I talked about our stories, bounced ideas off of each other, that sort of thing. He loves road trips because his love language is "quality activities" -- like building something or playing a game or driving. So the whole time we are driving, he feels loved. Anyway, I like road trips because I don't feel the constant need to be productive – when you are sitting in a car, there isn't much you can do.

When we got there, my dad escorted us inside the base and to our hotel, to his rooms first so that I could say hello to my mom. For some reason, I was nonstop talk with my mom every time I was with her. (I reminded myself of Bethany) That makes me wonder if I miss her more than I realize. I know she misses me.

Ben and I went to our rooms and discovered I am allergic to latex. (I forgot to pick up my patch last week so we are being cautious until next Saturday) But we only had six hours to sleep anyway, so I suppose it was just as well.

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