March 5th, 2004


my voice

Okay, I've had enough of this naysaying! I am officially desperate to have a qualified person evaluate my voice. Not one person I know (except for Ben and those who prophesied over me) is of the opinion that my voice is recording-contract worthy. Kristen thinks I should be a youth worship leader. ("BAH!" I say) Kaylene thinks I should sing in a choir or be a backup singer. ("BAH again!" I say) The Snows think elya's voice is much better, so if she doesn't have what it takes then I certainly don't. Rebecca thinks my voice is passable. Gabe thinks I have a good voice, but he's biased. I don't know what elya and Allison think – I haven't really sung/singed/sang in front of them… SO. On a scale of one to ten, here are how people rate me (9 being recording-contract worthy):

God: 10
Ben: 10
Kristen: 6
Snows: 5
Rebecca: 5
Gabe: 8
elya: ?
Allison: ?
Myself: ?????????

I just want to have a qualified person rate me so that I can say to the naysayers and nonbelievers: "A much more qualified opinion says that I'm better than that." (with a little undertone of "Your opinion is unqualified -- shut up.")

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